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Dr. Rajesh  Gulati
Hi, Welcome to Please apply fresh cucumber around the mouth area and under the eyes as it is very safe. Also, apply little Lactocalamine lotion in the same area. Apply fresh tomatoes peelings, take vitamin E capsule once daily for a ... View thread »

Dr. Asmeet Kaur Sawhney
Hi, Welcome to I have checked the photographs (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and noticed that you have a lot of old stretch marks on your shoulders and abdomen. I would suggest you start topical application of ... View thread »

Dr. Rabia
Hello, Welcome to Acne is related to sebaceous glands. Some individuals have acne prone skin in which normal follicles becomes clogged with keratin, sebum, organisms, etc., resulting in blackheads formation. When inflammation occurs ... View thread »

Dr. Sandeep  Golla
Hi, Welcome to Can you forward a few pictures of the affected area to guide you through precisely ... View thread »

Dr. Rabia
Hello, Welcome to Yes, you have pigmentation problem along with mild acne. I will suggest you to start with topical Clindamycin lotion over the pimple area morning and evening and a topical retinoid at night time by mixing it in cold ... View thread »

Dr. Vinay  Kumar
Hi, Welcome to have noted your concerns. In a case like yours, who had undergone PRP (platelet-rich plasma) I would recommend the following measures. Sponge the area frequently with soft tissue or towel by dabbing or directly ... View thread »

Dr. Rabia
Hi, Welcome to Kindly let me know your age. With increasing body weight there is an increase in pigmentation in body folds plus wrinkles as you are saying. Try to maintain your body weight in good and healthy limits. It will improve dark ... View thread »

Dr. Rabia
Hi, Welcome to You are suffering from atopic dermatitis. You have a family history of atopy. You have all the symptoms of atopy that is runny nose, eyes problem and now swelling. It is a condition in which a person has an inherent ... View thread »

Dr. Shaunak  Patel
Hi, Welcome to I am sure your problem is distressing and is affecting you severely. Let us understand your case. Since you are a very fair skin type patient, you are naturally more exposed to sun radiation which is UV-A and UV-B ... View thread »

Dr. Vinay  Kumar
Hi, Welcome to have noted your complaints. In such a situation, the following strategy works efficiently. Wash your face frequently with plain water. This will not only help the early resolution of pimples but also help hydrate the ... View thread »

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