Medical Advice on "Cardiology"

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode
Hello, Welcome to Can you upload the report again? I did not get the part narrow complex 5 qrs hr etc. Do you have any chest pain or discomfort heaviness on exertion, or shortness on exertion? These are ectopics or extra beats. These ... View thread »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode
Hello, Welcome to How much was your QT? Pneumonia will not cause QT prolongation. Since it has resolved, it was probably due to some reversible causes like electrolytes abnormalities like hypocalcemia, hypokalemia, etc. Many ... View thread »

Dr. Carlos L. Alviar Md, Facc
Hello, Welcome to I am sorry to hear that you did not receive any detailed explanation of your condition. Diastolic dysfunction is the inability of the heart to relax, which can be diagnosed with echocardiogram or with evidence of high ... View thread »

Dr. Rishu
Hi, Welcome to I have noted all details of your father. A myocardial bridge means that a group of muscle fibers are present on the top of coronary artery instead of on the bottom. In almost 40% cases, it is asymptomatic. However, in some ... View thread »

Dr. Isaac  Gana
Hello, Welcome to I have thoroughly gone through the ECG results there are no specific changes that would indicate any pathological change. ECG results might show different shapes and morphology, but it does not necessarily mean it is ... View thread »

Dr. Ganesh  P Sapkal
Hello, Welcome to It is unusual for ventricular ectopics alone to cause cardiac arrest. Still, it depends on various factors like cause of ectopics, the morphology of ectopics, frequency of ectopics LV function on Echo. What symptoms ... View thread »

Dr. Carlos L. Alviar Md, Facc
Hello, Welcome to No major concern but it would be important to know why your left atrium is dilated. It may be because of higher blood pressure or problems with the heart valves or due to any heart muscle problem. I recommend you see ... View thread »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib  Siddiq
Hello, Welcome to Do you have diabetes, hypertension, family history of a heart attack in young age? Do you have deranged kidney function? Answers to these questions if not, it is critical to decide medicine. If these are not present, ... View thread »

Dr. Muhammad Zohaib  Siddiq
Hi, Welcome to You have done many tests with cardiac point of view? First of all, raised blood pressure in very young age, 12 years in your case, should be investigated. It must be secondary to some other disease. One of which is ... View thread »

Dr. Ilir  Sharka
Hello, Welcome to I reviewed carefully your ECG images (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and would explain that besides right axis deviation, I also noticed the presence of prominent P waves in DII lead, which indicates ... View thread »